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Who we help

Institutions and Charities

Our charity practice encompasses the full range of legal matters which charities and not-for-profits encounter, from day-to-day to ‘once in a lifetime’ events.

We provide guidance on diverse operational issues including how to manage charity property, endowments and investments; the best way to license and exploit assets and rights; charitable trading and tax; grant-making and social investment and fundraising. We also work with individual and corporate philanthropists wishing to establish new charities or structure their charitable giving in other ways.

With many charities’ operations and fundraising spanning international borders, we frequently provide support in relation to cross-border and international charity work.

We have extensive experience of forming new charities, including those with more novel purposes or complex structures, and of restructuring existing charities where their current arrangements are no longer fit for purpose. We have steered many of our clients through periods of significant change and have advised them on key strategic decisions such as merger, de-merger and partnering. If a crisis strikes, we are a safe pair of hands and our clients trust us to see them through even the most testing of circumstances.

Faith-based Organisations

Faith-based organisations and communities face a huge array of legal and practical challenges, from complex charity law, funding and governance matters and planning for large property and construction projects, through to compliance with employment regulations and putting in place effective safeguarding policies.

While on many levels the legal demands on faith-based organisations can be similar to those faced by other not-for-profit entities, the interplay of faith and the law means yours is a unique environment for everyone involved: leaders of organisations, employees and volunteers, funders and benefactors, congregations, students, those you care for and the range of advisers with whom you interact.

We have the expertise to deal with the full range of legal issues facing faith-based organisations, as well as knowledge and experience gained over many decades which enable us to approach our work with you with a true sensitivity to your purpose. Faith-based organisations value our ethical outlook, our collaborative approach on small and large projects and our responsive style.


Schools face many legal challenges that go far beyond those related to pupils, families and staff. Pressure on funding, the requirements of new legislation or the complex negotiations around major infrastructure projects are all issues our clients are facing today.

We advise leading independent, privately-owned and maintained schools, as well as multi-academy trusts and private educational organisations. The diversity of our client base means we are well placed to understand your school’s individual culture and priorities, as well as your specific legal challenges.

Schools call on us for support with complex, high-stake issues where there are the greatest opportunities – for example collaborations or major capital projects, and the greatest threats to their reputation, such as around privacy, safeguarding or historic abuse. They appreciate our collaborative, pragmatic approach and value our ability to work closely with their day-to-day advisers where necessary.

Michael Grayson

Director, Lawyer

LLB, LLM (Hons), TEP

Andrew Clements

Director, Lawyer & Notary Public