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What we do

Business & Enterprise

Private businesses (including family businesses) represent a dynamic and vibrant part of the economy. They are owned and run by people passionate about the future of their companies and who dedicate their energy and enthusiasm into making them a success.  For many of our clients, they are also dedicated to their families and communities.

We regularly work with clients looking to diversify and enhance the value of their goods and services exports, particularly those taking on new markets.

Areas of practice include matters involving:

  • Business (Structural) Design and Restructuring
  • Family Businesses and Business Families
  • Succession
  • Joint ventures
  • Offshore Special Purpose Vehicle design, formation and transactions
  • Alternative exits and succession planning including MBO design
  • Shareholders Agreements, and Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Distribution, Licence and Supply Agreements
  • Bespoke contractual arrangements
  • Corporate governance

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