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What we do


It’s a great honour and responsibility to be entrusted to manage and dispense wealth on behalf of others.  As the rules regarding estate administration, investments, accounting and taxes get ever more complex, it’s vital that you understand what powers and responsibilities you do or don’t have.  Clarity is crucial in the face of complexity.

Estate disputes are also on the increase. Whatever the reasons, such disputes require knowledge and understanding of tax, will drafting, mental capacity and trusts (and related disciplines including family and charity).

Our experience in dealing with sensitive issues, enables us to keep a practical approach and to focus on solutions.

Areas of practice include:

  • Probate and Letters of Administration (New Zealand and international)
  • Professional Advisors, including Legal, Investment and Accounting Advisors working with Estates
  • Estate Administration
  • Fiduciary matters: Executors, Trustees and Fiduciaries
  • Contentious Trusts and Estates Disputes

Meet the Team