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What we do

Elderly and Vulnerable People

As life expectancy continues to rise, so unfortunately do the financial risks and legal issues affecting older and vulnerable people.

Matters relating to the legal protection and the best interests of older people have the potential to be divisive, especially within families. For example, disagreements on whether the head of a family business is losing their capacity to make sound decisions are increasingly commonplace.

Someone to talk to is so important – especially someone who understands your context.  We know how important clarity is in such situations and, while cases are rarely straightforward, our experience means we can help you to prepare for challenges ahead.

Areas of practice include matters regarding:

  • Retirement planning
  • Estate Planning, Wills and Succession
  • Powers of Attorney, Deeds of Delegation and Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Welfare Guardian and Property Management orders
  • Capacity
  • Occupation Rights Agreements
  • Vulnerable People

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