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What we do


Trusts provide flexible and effective solutions for a wide range of wealth and succession planning needs, and for family and business requirements. However, the landscape in which they operate is ever changing and increasingly complex. The assets they hold are diverse, tax legislation and reporting obligations have changed significantly, and the litigious world in which we now live have led to increasing attacks on trusts and trustees by beneficiaries and third parties.

With new legislation pending, altering the legal landscape, having a team who can advise on the life cycle of your trust law requirements is important.  Our directors and key advisors are part of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) and the law of trusts is a significant focus for our firm.

Areas of practice include matters regarding:

  • Design, Formation, Resettlements and Dissolutions of Trusts
  • Trust Variations and Restructures
  • Cross border advisory and counsel management support
  • Contentious Trusts Disputes
  • Special trust and bespoke arrangements
  • Fiduciary matters: Trustees, Executors and Fiduciaries
  • Professional Advisors, including Legal, Investment and Accounting Advisors working with Trusts

Meet the Team