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Business and Enterprise

Private businesses represent a dynamic and vibrant part of the economy. They are owned and run by people who are passionate about the future of their companies, and who dedicate their energy and enthusiasm into making them a success.

We enjoy working alongside private businesses as they grow, innovate and transform; from small start-up companies to larger businesses capable of competing on an international stage.

Our clients value us working in partnership with them. They value our ability to see the wider picture, to be sure the advice is right for their business and for you.

Our clients include companies owned by families, entrepreneurs, private equity institutions and investors. These are businesses where there is often a close relationship between shareholders and management. This environment is unique to private businesses and we provide advice tailored to this context.

We support private businesses at all stages of their development. Whether you are planning for expansion, managing a high value commercial dispute, adapting to technological change, considering an acquisition or grappling with corporate governance issues, we can deliver strategic solutions.

Andrew Clements

Director, Lawyer & Notary Public


Michael Grayson

Director, Lawyer

LLB, LLM (Hons), TEP

Philip McHugh

Associate, Lawyer

LLB (Hons), BA & BA (Hons), TEP